• For Parents:


            Has anytime a thought come across your mind to hire a home tutor for your child so that his/her performance in academics can be better and be improved?

            Are you not able to give a quality time to your children regarding his/her school activities due to your professional and personal reasons & responsibilities?

            If yes then we are here to serve you to solve the related issues regarding your children’s academic. Please never hesitate to use our home tutoring services because home tuitions will always be an additional and advantageous factor to make your children to perform and do better academically than what they are performing now.

            For this, all you just need to do is, please register on our website www.tuitionsandtutors.com . You can register with us either with your mobile number or an email id. Once you have completed the registration process, your account will be created and will be checked and verified by our team of Tuitions & Tutors for your specific requirements for your children as per the filled-up details and the type of services chosen by you.

            Registration process is very simple and easy. You can register accordingly and find a tutor through us following the guidelines mentioned below:

     You have to click on the ‘Find A Tutor’ link on the homepage of our website www.tuitionsandtutors.com. This will lead you to the page mentioning the type of services provided by us.

     As of now we provide two types of services: (A) Free Package type and (B) Premium Package type.

    (A) FREE PACKAGE TYPE: Under this type of services, our registered tutors, who will be interested in taking up your children’s tuition, will directly contact you and you can further communicate with them to choose the best as per your interests and requirements. We will be providing a limited number of tutors to communicate with, under this package type. You can see the detailed information’s of the tutors and view their profiles who contacted you on your ‘student/parent’ dashboard from our website.

    (B) PREMIUM PACKAGE TYPE: Under this type of services, our coordinators will sort some of the best tutors registered with us, that match your requirements. You can choose one of them and a demo session would be scheduled within next two working days. If you are satisfied with the session and the tutor, then the tutor is deemed to be hired by you. In case if you are not satisfied with the tutor sent by us then we will sent more alternative tutors for the demo till you get the best faculty available as per your requirements. Or else the amount paid for the ‘Premium Package’ type would be refunded by us to you. Terms & Conditions apply.


     You can post your requirements by clicking on ‘Request a Tutor’ link towards the bottom of ‘Find a Tutor’ page. Please fill all the details in the follow-up forms and select your desired package.

     Once you submit the post, after filling up all the details mentioned in the form, it will be checked and verified by the team of Tuitions and Tutors.

     Shortly, either our team of tutors or the coordinator will contact you, based on the type of service package chosen by you and you will be served accordingly with the best of our ability.




    Tuitions and Tutors wishes you good luck for your children’s development


    For tutors:
            If you are interested in teaching as a home tutor either online or offline, then you are right now at the right place.

            Please register on our website www.tuitionsandtutors.com. Registration process is very easy and completely free. All you need is to fill up the details in the follow up forms during the registration process in which we ask details regarding your qualifications and teaching experiences along with few other identification details which we require to function smoothly. You can register with either your mobile number or email id.

            Once you complete the registration process, your account will be created on our web portal and it will be thoroughly verified by the team of Tuitions and Tutors.
            After the verification process, on approval, you can avail the list of various tutor jobs available which will be displayed on our website according to your choices of locations and the subjects you searched for. Search options are very flexible.
            If there is a tutor job matching your profile and your interests then you can apply for that particular tuition job.

            To avail the contact details of the parents for the particular tutor job chosen by you, you need to buy coins from us for which link is provided on the homepage of our website www.tuitionsandtutors.com. All the coins which you buy, will be added to your wallet. As of now we provide the cluster of coins under three categories. They are:

    1. BASIC: Under this category we charge an amount of Rs. 200/-, which equals to addition of 220 coins to your wallet.

    2. GOLD: Under this category we charge an amount of Rs. 300/- which equals to addition of 350 coins to your wallet.

    3. PLATINUM: Under this category we charge an amount of Rs. 500/- which equals to addition of 600 coins to your wallet.


            For availing the contact details of the parents, we will charge 30 coins from your wallet for each tutor job chosen by you. Thereby it makes it as one tutor job contact details equaling to deduction of 30 coins from your wallet. This way you can further use the remaining coins for getting more contact details. Once you have used up all the coins from your wallet or if your balance in the wallet is less than 30 coins then you must buy more coins from us in order to continue getting contact details of the parents for the tutor jobs. Meanwhile you can very well continue to look at the list of available tuitions totally free. We will charge coins only when we give contact details.

            In case after getting the contact details from us when you contact the parents and they don’t respond back then your deducted coins will be added back to your wallet without any charge, after due verification of such cases. Thus, your money is safe with us in the form of coins. You can use them any time in future for our services conveniently without any worry regarding the balance in your wallet.


            Further, we reserve the right to segregate our tutors under two categories based on their qualifications, experience and teaching methodology. They are:

    1. POST Type Category: Under this type, the tutors get the contact details of the tutor job as per their choices and can directly talk to the parents as per their convenience and we don’t charge anything from tutors or the parents for mediation.

    2. PREMIUM Type Category: Under this type, the tutors are sent to the parents for the tutor job through us. At first, preferably for the demo class and if the parents are satisfied with the tutor then the tutor job is confirmed. Such mediations would be generally for high pay and hence we would be charging 35% of the sum from your first pay for the mediation, which would be collected by us from the parents. Hence as a tutor you won’t have to worry about the inconvenience regarding mediation charges. In Premium type, NO coins would be deducted from your wallet.


            We completely follow the policy of: “We charge only when we serve”

    Tuitions and Tutors, wishes you good luck for your career